Prepping for an Imminent Tooth Extraction

When your dentist tells you that you need to get a tooth removed, you may be in a state of panic. Perhaps you have never gotten a tooth removed and you are unsure about how it would work. The good news is the process is a lot less painful than you would imagine.

One thing to know about tooth extraction near me st louis is that you are going to be under local anesthesia for the procedure. It is so important that you do not think you will be under general anesthesia, as you are not going to be admitted into hospital or anything along those lines.

Local anesthesia is what your dentist is going to use in the procedure. Make sure you have a plan for how you are getting to and from your appointment. It is best to get a ride there through a friend, family member or a ride share service.

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For the journey home, most dentists make it a requirement that you have someone pick you up. They are not going to let you leave otherwise, as you will be under local anesthesia and are not in a fit condition to drive or even walk around without someone with you.

Get someone to take you home and make sure you have painkilling medication at home. When you get to around three hours after your extraction, you will start to experience significant pain. It gets more painful every minute, and eventually you will feel the full force of pain of having a tooth removed from your mouth.

Plan to take the next couple of days off work. You will not be in a state to go back to work the next day, or even the day after. When three or four days pass, you will have much less pain and you should feel a lot better about everything.